is seeking individuals who are interested in sharing their stories of how they came to the Monogamish lifestyle. To share your story anonymously or not, please join the community. 

Learn from others who have chosen to live an Open, Lifestyle or Poly relationship and find out how they chose the Monogamish lifestyle. Our member stories are told by those who share your interests and experiences from their perspective. 

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Our community is here to celebrate those who seek to share or learn about open relationships in all forms. Whether you are Open, Poly, Lifestyle, Fetish, Kinky or any variation of the above, is a forum for those who want to tell their story and learn from others who have experienced the joy, challenges and sometimes absurdity that a Monogamish lifestyle can bring. 

Regardless of your particular version of Monogamish living, we are here to welcome you to share, explore and learn from others who can relate or at least share the same curiosity. 

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