Kasidie.com... Plays Well With Others.


It's about respect and trust

In over 20 years of living a non-monogamous lifestyle, we have never seen a successful relationship that didn't revolve around respect and trust. Living Monogamish requires a lot of letting go and ultimately being vulnerable for all involved. Without trust, none of this is possible. 

With that in mind, we ask each member of this community to show respect for others even when we might disagree with their form of non-monogamy. We also want to highly discourage lying, cheating or anything that could be deemed as sneaky. While we want to build a Mongamish bridge to meeting others, we want to do so with respect as the foundation. 

Abusive, disrespectful or harmful posts and actions associated with this community, will not be tolerated. Share your stories, learn from others and explore until you've reached every corner of the non-monogamy spectrum. Just be sure to do so with respect and open mind for different and alternative perspectives. It won't work any other way. 

Fluidity is sexy

As members of the non-monogamous community, we have had the opportunity to meet and learn from couples, triads, foursomes and moresomes who in their own way have paved a path to meaningful, supported and mutually satisfying relationships. Through these experiences, we have come to understand that there are many paths to realizing our gender and relationship identity. Most of these paths revolve around respect, trust, love and unabashed honesty with our partner/s and more importantly with ourselves. 

We started this site in the hopes of establishing a community for those who fall anywhere on the Monogamish relationship spectrum. It is our wish that Mongamish.com becomes a place of learning, exploration and sharing for those on the path of non-monogamy as well as those who are considering taking their first steps. 

Most of us who live some form of the Monogamish relationship style have seen our share of mistakes, missteps and carry more than a few regrets. With each wrong turn, we have often found an opportunity to learn, grow and in many cases laugh until we cry. Regardless of the experience, this is our opportunity and our place to give back to others in the hope that they can avoid the pits and enjoy the cherries. After all, non-monogamy is more often than not, a lot of fun and extremely fulfilling. 

So let's explore and have some fun. Fluidity is sexy.